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Eventi Events, a Passinault.Com company - About Us
Tampa Bay Event Disclaimer


Eventi Events is a Passinault.Com company based out of Tampa Bay, Florida, and we often subcontract and work with other Passinault.Com companies. Passinault.Com companies are required to identify that they Passinault.Com companies. Passinault.Com companies are organized into two groups, the Passinault Entertainment Group and Passinault Industries LLC. The companies of the Passinault Entertainment Group are entertainment production or services companies. Two examples of Passinault Entertainment Group companies are Eventi Events, which is primarily a service and production company which does events and stage productions, and Dream Nine Studios, a Tampa Bay motion picture, video game development, and music label company. Passinault Industries LLC companies are business support companies which utilize creative and entertainment based technologies for traditional business and marketing services. Examples include Tampa Bay photography company Aurora PhotoArts and Tampa Bay advertising agency EOS MediaArts; Eventi Events works with these two companies more than any of the others.

By working together, our companies have advanced capabilities that our competitors do not have. We do, however, respect laws governing potential conflicts of interest and monopolistic business practices. The clients of Eventi Events are not obligated to book the services or purchase the products of any other Passinault.Com company, and they are free to shop for other services from the competitors of other Passinault.Com companies if they wish. We will gladly work with any companies or vendors that our clients wish to pair us with. In most cases, however, our clients do book the services of other Passinault.Com companies for package deals and the obvious advantages in the service value of what we all can do together. Simply stated, each Passinault.Com company is a top company in the markets that they are in business to service, and we will continue to promote the Passinault.Com advantage. We will, however, address potential conflicts of interest by clarifying business relationships and arrangements.

Eventi Events shares the Passinault.Com emblem to identify our company in marketing and service branding, since we are the original Passinault.com company and have always used this emblem. The emblem looks like an arrow head, and is best described as a shield (you can see it on this page in the graphic that has our client services phone number on the upper left of this screen). The only difference is that our emblem is blue in color, and their emblem is yellow.


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