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Tampa Bay Event Production Careers


Eventi Events has many opportunities available for subcontracted professionals. These are all subcontracted jobs and are not employment positions.

The following links will have expanded descriptions and other information available in October, 2006. Until then, please CONTACT US for more information and send us a cover letter, resume, and a head shot. Job offers and audition posts will contain more information and specific qualification requirements not described here.

To be considered for any subcontracted position, we REQUIRE a professionally composed COVER LETTER introducing yourself and informing us about the position or positions that you wish to be considered for. In your cover letter, please describe, in detail, about your qualifications and experience and how they translate to the position that you are seeking. We also REQUIRE a detailed list of every entertainment or professional field-relevant company that you have worked with in your career, along with written permission to check references. Other items REQUIRED to be considered for an audition or interview are a RESUME and an 8 X 10 black and white glossy actor / talent HEAD SHOT for entertainment or performing positions (actors, dancers, DJ's, MC's, singers, comedians, etc). If you are a professional entertainer or performer and do not have a head shot, we suggest that you seek out a professional photography company and invest in your head shots, as amateur snapshots will not do (we need professional, printed head shots for our files). Photography companies that you may want to check out would be Aurora PhotoArts photography and design Tampa Bay (although Aurora PhotoArts is directly affiliated with us, you are not required to go through them for your head shots in order to be considered for working with us, and booking any service with them may not increase your chances of booking work through us), Andy Meng Photography in Brandon, or Craig Huey Photography in Orlando. If you need help with composing a cover letter, putting together a professional resume, or are in need of any career tools, please check out Independent Modeling (models), Independent Acting (actors), and Independent Performer (dancers, singers, and other talent). These sites offer free tools and information, and we fully support them as a tool for professional talent. We also post our job posts on their audition and job boards. Models looking for more modeling career information and career dangers to avoid will also want to check out the Tampa Bay Modeling model resource site.

We consider both independent professional talent and talent who are represented by legitimate model and talent agencies. We do not work with managers unless the manager is licensed through a legitimate model and talent agency. We will not consider talent referred to us through talent consultants (unless they are a licensed, legitimate model and talent agency) or schools (unless they are an accredited College or University such as the University of South Florida), as we will not have our name dropped or our jobs used as part of a sales pitch for those who try to scam models and talent.

Disc Jockey - DJ
Master Of Ceremonies - MC
Cyber Jockey - CJ


Make Up Artist
Event Production Assistants



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