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Tampa Bay Productions


These are produced by Eventi Events. While we do sell sponsorship packages for our productions, these production projects are cast, marketed, and backed by us and sometimes the venue. We usually make our money by selling tickets. Creatively, our people like these, as we are not constrained by client restrictions and requirements.

Stage Plays and Theater
Although we started out as a simple DJ company, our real roots are in theater. Our remarkable Interactive Theme Event (ITE) technology was developed from what we learned working in theater. Of course, that same ITE technology was recently applied back into our stage play productions, making our stage plays some of the most advanced in the theater industry. We even have some productions which are hybrids of both Interactive Theme Events and Theater.

Stage Productions
From choreographed stage shows to model runway fashion shows, we are experts in designing and producing any kind of stage production.

From our upcoming independent film festival for the Tampa Bay region to other types of festivals, we can organize, staff, market, and and do just about any kind of festival event that you could want. Going back to our independent film festival now in development, it is the most advanced and creative film festival to ever be seen in Tampa Bay, and we have already received our first submissions from some talented independent film makers.
Our sister company Dream Nine Studios is an independent film production company, among other things, and our interest in a film festival is obvious because of them.

Entertainment, service, and product expositions are much like festivals, except in this sense it would be to promote corporate interests. We classify trade shows and conventions in this category, and this is going to be a big part of what we do in the event services market. Our associations with the Tampa Bay advertising agency and our sister company EOS MediaArts and talent will give us an edge here.

We'll be doing concerts, too. These are a ways off, but this is a no-brainer, especially when you consider that one of our Passinault.Com sister companies is a record label.

Yes, it's true. We are now working on our very own beauty pageant property. We have the best on staff and they are helping us with the details. Of course, this is a ways off.

Night Clubs
Our Interactive Theme Event technology would supercharge a night club. We have ideas for night clubs that are truly unique, and we are working on night club properties based on our most advanced ITE technology and concepts.



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