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Marlon Brown AKA DJ Shy

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Tampa Bay Client Event Testimonials


Here are some of our most recent testimonials from clients who have been very pleased with our event services and stage productions. Many of our entertainment professionals are local celebrities with a thriving fan base, too, so some of these testimonials may be about the entertainers on our staff.

We will have VIDEO TESTIMONIALS available soon. We will also have demo videos, custom videos , and downloadable dance mixes elsewhere on this web site so you can audit what we've done and what we can do. At the moment, we only have a few testimonials on here to get you started. More are on the way.

I never became bored

I attended your espionage theme event some time ago, the one called Silvertree. It was excellent, and between the James Bond storyline, the packed dance floor, and the games, my boyfriend and I never once became bored. We wish night clubs were as fun and as entertaining as your event was.

Lisa from Tampa Bay, Florida

Forget the Theme Parks

What I’ve experienced first-hand at one of your theme events far exceeded what any theme park can do. Instead of relying on cheap props, gimmicks, rip-offs of other productions, and lame things such as celebrity impersonators, you delivered an adventure than my friends and I will not soon forget. Because we were able to participate and effect the outcome of the story, we all found it better and more satisfying than dinner theater, too. That was incredible, and I want to attend again to see what else can happen. I’ve thought about some of the things that we did before and I would like to try some things differently next time. I think I figured out some solutions.

Jason from Tampa Bay, Florida

The natives really scared us

Your beach event was like being transported to a Polynesian island. Those natives were so authentic that it was hard to believe that what happened wasn’t actually happening. The volcano was a bit on the small side, but after we saw what happened to the Chief’s daughter it was pretty effective. It was so authentic and scary that I’m glad that no one brought any children. We were very, very impressed by our adventure and the outcome.

Jennifer from Clearwater Beach, Florida

Best wedding ever!

I have been to more wedding receptions than I care to count, and I hated them all. That is, until the one that your company did for my friend. Marlon Brown is the best wedding DJ that I have ever had the pleasure of being around. I highly recommend your company to anyone who is looking for a wedding DJ.

Louis from Brandon, Florida


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