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Diana Class Web Site Credits



Diana Class Web site by EOS MediaArts, a Tampa Bay advertising agency and Passinault.Com company.

Diana Class site 002.

Originally commissioned 04.12.05. New 2.0 upgrade commissioned 03.27.06. Site Art Director And Code Architect: C. A. Passinault.

This is the second Diana Class web site designed and commissioned by the EOS MediaArts web team. The newest 2.0 upgrade was completed and launched on Monday, March 27, 2006, at 9AM EST.

Diana Class sites are designed for ease of navigation and content distribution. They employ the latest search engine optimization (SEO) technology, and use primary CSS templates and dynamic HTML to provide a content-frame delivery interface without employing frames. Diana Class web sites can be recognized by their mouse-over menus on the left, image stacks to the right of the menu, DHTML content to the right, and text links and banners underneath. Diana Class sites were named after an Orlando model and art director named Diana, in honor and acknowledgement of her contributions to the Passinault.Com companies. Other Diana Class sites include the following (information provided by EOS MediaArts):

Diana Class 001 - Aurora PhotoArts - 2004 to 2005 - Prototype Diana Class web site and the fourth Aurora PhotoArts site. Used extensively to debug the class-format and temporary experimental design for the Aurora PhotoArts site while a new class was developed for them. Decommissioned in September, 2005, and replaced by more advanced, photography market optimized Venus Class site, which was Aurora PhotoArts's fifth web site.

Diana Class 002 - Eventi Events - 2005 to present - Second Diana Class web site and an award winning design. This Diana Class site had to undergo a retrofit with CSS templates and new DHTML code, and it is now using a 2.0 upgrade. It is presently being used by Eventi Events, and is one of the most advanced Diana Class sites in existence.

Diana Class 003 - Dream Nine Studios - 2005 to present - Almost completed in early 2005 and currently in retrofit with new design upgrades. Will be as advanced as the Eventi Events site with improved features. Slated to launch in early 2006.

Diana Class 004 - Passinault.Com - 2006 to present - Launched in January, 2006, this Diana Class site connects all of the companies of the Passinault Entertainment Group and Passinault Industries LLC.

As of March 27, 2006, there are two more Diana Class sites in development. The sites are being built for Passinault.Com company and Tampa Bay advertising agency EOS MediaArts and an Eventi Events event production, the Iris Independent Film and Entertainment Exposition (AKA the Iris Film Festival, to be found at IrisEvent.Com soon).

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Diana Class Web Site By EOS MediaArts, a Tampa Bay advertising agency and Passinault.Com company. Photography by Aurora PhotoArts, a Tampa Bay photography company and Passinault.Com company.


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