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Diana Class Web Site By Eos MediaArts, a Tampa Bay advertising agency and Passinault.Com company. Photography by Aurora PhotoArts, a Tampa Bay photography company and Passinault.Com company. Tampa Events by Eventi Events, a Tampa Bay event / stage production company and Passinault.Com company. More credits can be found HERE.


IMPORTANT NOTICE - January 7, 2023

01/07/23/0129 - This site has been moved to a new server. It will be redone, soon.

03/05/16/0443/0540 - It has been a while, but a new web site for Passinault.Com is coming soon. With our event planning and stage production companies being rebranded today as Aegis Events and Aegis Stage, and the new brand for Dream Nine Studios, MatchHead Films, needing web sites, it is only a matter of time.
This Diana Class site is one of two still in existence, and will be replaced with a new web site of similar design. The last Diana Class site will stay online on the Dream Nine Studios web site archive, which we will maintain because we wish to maintain the Dream Nine Studios trademark and brand.
This site will soon be taken out of dormancy, built up, and will be updated regularly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

04/18/2011 - A new Passinault.Com, Passinault Entertainment Group / Passinault Industries LLC web site is in development and should debut in mid 2011. The new site will not be a Diana Class site like this one (leaving only two of that class with the Eventi Events and Stage Tampa Bay and the Dream Nine Studios web sites, which are scheduled for large updates as business needs require). The new Passinault.Com web site will be an entirely new class utilizing some of the most advanced web technologies, and will be done once the Tampa Bay advertising agency Eos MediaArts Venus Class web site and the upcoming Frontier Class sites Frontier Society and Advanced Model debut. This current site will see minimal updates until then. Thank you for your attention to this announcement.

We are undergoing a transition. Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay photography and design is presently our main service company. This was never intended to be the case. While Aurora PhotoArts will continue to be important, will grow, and will become critical to the support of all of our companies, Eventi Events and Eventi Stage (names may change) will become our core company in 2012. Eventi will split into two interconnected twin companies, Eventi Events Tampa Bay Events and Eventi Stage Tampa Bay Stage Productions. Tampa Bay advertising agency Eos MediaArts will become our most profitable company, and will become a sales lead-in for both Aurora PhotoArts and Eventi Events. Our media production company, Dream Nine Studios, will start producing films, games, and music in 2012 by default because the Eventi companies and Eos MediaArts will require media production support for their services and productions, which will essentially kill two birds with one stone. It was decided today to equip Dream Nine studios with High Definition production equipment, including at least one HD camera and a MAC Pro workstation with Final Cut included. Our main studio, which was all Windows PC equipped, will also begin a transition to 50% PC and 50% Apple computer systems.

Eventi Events Tampa Bay and Eventi Stage Tampa Bay are staffing up at the moment, and will become very important in 2011, with large amounts of services business being done by Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design, Eventi Events and Stage Tampa Bay, and Tampa Advertising Agency Eos MediaArts. Dream Nine Studios is working on infrastructure and should be producing indie films in 2012.

Welcome to Passinault.Com, the official web site of the Passinault Entertainment Group and Passinault Industries LLC. We are a network of entertainment production and support companies based in Tampa Bay, Florida, and our companies are designed to work toward one ultimate goal. That goal is the creation of the next entertainment industry. We support our entertainment endeavors through traditional businesses that benefit from our exclusive entertainment and business support technologies. All of the Passinault.Com companies share technology, ideas, and resources. These companies are designed to work together to enhance each of their capabilities in entertainment and business.

Please make a selection from our menu to your left to read through the Passinault.Com main site or click below to visit the official web sites of our plethora of companies.

Tampa Photography (Tampa Photographer, Tampa Design, Tampa Art) - Tampa Bay photography and design company Aurora PhotoArts offers photography and design services. This Tampa Bay photography market leader specializes in model portfolio photography, model testing, actor head shot photography, commercial photography, stock photography, photographic art work, the highest quality composite cards that you can get in this market, actor and talent head shots, wedding photography, and event photography. Their photography services marketing web site is the most advanced and effective in the Tampa Bay market and is the top site in Florida. Passinault.Com company Aurora PhotoArts was established in Tampa Bay on June 10, 1994. A Passinault Industries LLC company.

Tampa Events - (Site coming late 2011) The leader in Tampa parties, theme events, Tampa stage productions, weddings, corporate events, fashion runway shows, expositions, and film festivals in the Tampa Bay market, Passinault.Com company Eventi Events is our oldest company, founded on October 6, 1990. The Passinault Entertainment Group evolved from this company, and the other companies spun off from it. Eventi Events has creative and event production technology that is years ahead of anyone else. Want something original and creative that you and the people you know will be talking about from years to come? We're your ticket. Want celebrity impersonators, cheesy parties, and rip-off's of Hollywood and Broadway productions? Go anywhere else. We pride ourselves on using original material developed by our creative teams! Eventi Events is a Passinault Entertainment Group company, as is a dual company with services and productions under the names Eventi Events and Eventi Stage (site coming soon).

Tampa Advertising Agency - (Site Coming in late 2011) A Tampa Bay advertising agency, Passinault.Com company Eos MediaArts is a Passinault Industries LLC company. It is designed and optimized to work heavily with both Aurora PhotoArts for commercial photography and Eventi Events for corporate events, which are also companies. EOS MediaArts has been doing production support, marketing, and web sites for all of the Passinault.Com companies and affiliates for several years.

Tampa Motion Pictures (Tampa indie films, Tampa Video Games, and Tampa Music Production) - Introducing innovation and edgy creativity in independent film, music, and video games. Passinault.Com company Dream Nine Studios, a Passinault Entertainment Group company founded in 1999, is an independent film production company, a video game developer, and a music label. All of the production projects are creative and sometimes experimental, and major productions are slated to begin sometime in 2008. Dream Nine Studios is based in Tampa Bay, Florida, and its third web site came online on July 26, 2006. The web site will be updated leading up to the start of major production work in 2008, and then will branch out and serve as a central hub and resource of its projects and project web sites. The web site will include game demos, music samples, short films, scripts, resources, and other features.
An E-Commerce model is in the works, and it will be possible to purchase and download the films, music, and games of Dream Nine Studios in the future from their web site. While we’re on the subject of the future, this is our long-term investment and is the future of the Passinault Entertainment Group. It will take time and work, and with the other Passinault.Com companies supporting this company, this will become the new independent film standard in the Tampa Bay market, and will set benchmarks in its other business lines.

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